About Us

AESP and USEA Vision and Mission Statement


“Great Public Schools where school support professionals are recognized and respected as essential partners in student success.”


Our mission is to empower, support, and elevate school support professional careers to positively impact student success.

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The Alpine Education Support Professionals Association (AESP) is a member driven organization comprised of elected officials who donate their time and energy to collaborate on behalf of all Education Support Professionals (ESP) or (Classified Employees) with the knowledge that every decision must be student centered.

The leadership team meets monthly, to provide feedback from their department or (job family) so we can capitalize on progress or find remedies to issues. These topics are then discussed with human resources and the superintendent who are also met with monthly. This open rapport with administration helps remedy issues before they have a chance to grow.

The elected leadership team consists of a president, president-elect, and the executive board who ideally represent each job family throughout the Classified workforce. The diversity of our organization makes it crucial that we have a voice from each job family in our discussions to ensure that we haven’t overlooked crucial details.

We speak for every employee of the district who isn’t an Administrator or Certified teacher. We are  considered to be Educators since we recognize that it takes a whole workforce and community to foster student growth.

The ESP’s are classified into different job families in the district. You should be able to look at one of the following categories and know which group you belong to. Each group should have a representative, or president of that group. You can find your group president listed under the Board Information tab and select Board Members from the drop down menu. Here is a list of the Alpine School District job families.


Food Services



Para Professional





There are also many representatives around the district that can help answer questions or guide you in the right direction.  They are called Area Reps (AR) or Building Reps. The Building Reps are located at each school and district building. Building Reps meet once a month with the executive board to discuss issues that are happening around the district and in their particular workplace. To find the Building Rep for your location, select the Board Information tab and select Building Reps from the drop down menu. If you are interested in becoming involved at any level please feel free to contact the President or secretary. We are at our best when we work together to improve the public education system that we all cherish.