2017 Legislative Session

January 23 thru March 9


Legislative Contact Information

You can contact your State Representatives and Senators by phone, email or
letter. The important thing is that legislators hear from you, their
constituent. Be respectful but let them know what you think.

To find out who represents you click on the link below and enter in your address.

Utah State Legislative District Maps

Your representatives need to hear from you on critical education legislation.


If you need assistance in contacting your legislators you can:
Call USEA at 801-269-9320,

go to the USEA website at www.useautah.org
or email information@useautah.org

House of Representatives
Phone: 801-538-1029
Website: le.utah.gov/house2/representatives.jsp

Phone: 801-538-1035
Website: www.utahsenate.org/aspx/roster.aspx


To find out who your Senator or Representative is visit: