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Executive Board Meeting April 11, 2018


  1. Welcome Rick Montague – Attending: Rick Montague, Vicki Skinner, Jeremy Wangemann, Kris Webster, Matt Pate, Woody Turnbeaugh, Lisa Adams, Shauna Markle, Jon Christensen, Marsha McClure, Rob Oliverson, Ray Maynard.
  2. Early Enrollment forms handed out and emailed. Good April 1 thru Sept 1.
  3. Good response to on line survey.
  4. April 27-28 Delegate conference discussed. Attending Rick, Lisa, Kris, Matt, Shauna, Woody, Korrin.
  5. Negotiations team: Rick Montague, Jeremy Wangenman, Jon Christensen, Korrin Thompson and Lisa Adams. Dates are April 10th 9-12, April 17th 1-4, April 24th 9-12, May 1st 1-4.
  6. Negotiation points:
    1. Use it or lose it procedure with personal leave. Possibly pay for unused days.
    2. Flat rate increase vs percent increase
    3. Contract schedule certification requirements for advancements
    4. Insurance vs wage increase
    5. Professional Development day
  7. Fugal Scholarship 13 applications. Will present four (2 employees, 2 employee family members) $1000.00 scholarships at April 17th board meeting.
  8. Transportation response to help to Brian Nilson daughter heart surgery. Have collected over $2500.
  9. Golf tournament in June sponsored by Transportation. Will invite other organizations.  Will send email announcement.
  10. Retiree dinner April 24th Hawaiian Luau 6:00. Kris has plaques, need to do a 2 minute spotlight on each retiree.
  11. Outstanding Alpine Employee applications will be due April 13th on alpineesp.org
  12. Next Executive Board meeting May whenever negotiations are finished.
  13. Will have a ratification meeting after negotiations, most likely at Skyridge High School.

May 19th 2nd Annual Tim Wangsgaard Memorial Ride for Education


1-10-18 Exec. Board Mtg Minutes

2-7-18 Exec. Board Mtg Minutes